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[CHEB801E] Solid state Electrochemistry (고체상태전기화학)
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Language  English
Credits     3-0-3
Time        15:30 ~ 16:45. MON/WEDN
Lecture room #113 Engineering building 3.
   This course covers the fundamentals of electrochemistry moving onto a focus of transport and electrochemistry in the solid state. The course will cover the general aspects of ionic and electronic conduction in the solid state and electrochemical reactions on the electrodes and interfaces. It will also look at electrochemical measurement and the devices that are available, and finally uses of solid state conducting materials with a focus in electrochemical energy production.
Course Content

Introduction to Solid State Electrochemistry
Overview of Basic Electrochemistry
Solid State and Physical Chemistry
Crystalline Structure, Microstructure, Amorphous Structure
Gibbs Free Energy and Binary Phase Diagrams
Bulk Defect Chemistry
Point Defects, Kroeger-Vink Notation, Brouwer Diagrams
Internal Interfaces
Grain Boundaries; Secondary Phases
From Defects to Conductivity
Ionic Conductors; Mixed Ionic / Electronic Conductors
Atomistics of charge transport (focusing on ionic transport)
Electrochemical Equilibrium
Electrochemical Reactions
Measurement Techniques
Bulk Conductivities
 - electronic and ionic; grain boundaries.
 - as determined by: A.C. impedance spectroscopy; D.C. methods with blocking electrodes
Electrode Kinetics
 - A.C. and D.C. methods
Grading Scheme
 1. 2 - 1 hour exams   10 % Each (20% total)
 2.  Homework and ad-hoc projects 30 %
 3. Group-Project    20 %
 4. Final Exam    30%