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[CHEB 801B] Ceramic materials processing (무기재료공정특론)
이름 AEMDL_admin (jgsung@postech.ac.kr) 작성일 13-05-20 16:22 조회 4,581
Language  English
Credits     3-0-3
Time        11:00 ~ 12:15. MON/WEDN
Lecture room #113 Engineering building 3.
   The first half of the course covers all the necessary requirements for the student to get a grasp of what a ceramic is, and how it can be utilized in the real world. This then leads the student onto the properties that the ceramic needs for a particular application, and what the microstructure is that lends itself towards those properties. With this in mind, the second half of the course then examines how we get these properties via microstructural control of the powders and the final ceramic body. We will look at powder synthesis and control, ceramic fabrication techniques and sintering of the green ceramic body into a fired ceramic piece.
   1. 2 hour mid-term exams 15 % Each (30% total)
   2. Homework and ad-hoc projects 20 %
   3. Group-Project  25 %
   4. Final Exam  25 %